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Medicaid Planning

When people are exploring options for long-term care, they confuse Medicare with Medicaid. Medicare is a short-term program that applies only in a very limited set of circumstances. Medicaid is the program that people use to cover the cost of long-term care.

What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid can cover the cost of long-term care, but there are lots of other options to think about. Medicaid rules are different for a person who requires care in their home or must be in a nursing facility. Medicaid can help protect the assets of the spouse of an ill person living at home. Medicaid can sometimes help with medical insurance if a person does not have health insurance. Medicaid can help with allocating money for funeral expenses.

Along with all those rules, there is the issue of figuring out exactly how to qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid requires a person have only a certain amount of income and assets. Before trying to get to these levels themselves, a Washington elder care Medicaid attorney can help make sure you do this right the first time, rather than starting from scratch after making mistakes.

Working With A Vancouver Medicaid Lawyer

While Medicaid is a very helpful program, it is very complicated. There are rules and regulations on how to qualify, and those rules and regulations seem to change often. Medicaid seems so daunting that many people are unsure how on earth to even get started. That’s where I come in. I am here to guide people through the Medicaid maze. I can let you know exactly what options you have before you get started, and once you have made your decision, I can help you through every step of the Medicaid program.

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