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Because of recent illness, long-term disability, or lack of mental capacity, a person may need to be protected in the management of their affairs. A guardianship is a request that the court appoint someone, either a family member or a professional guardian, to handle the affairs of a person, often including financial affairs and health care decision-making. A guardianship itself can take various forms. It can be limited to handle certain concerns, or it can be expanded to address the right to drive, the right to sign contracts, right to take decisions including nursing home care, and even voting rights.

A Washington Guardianship Attorney Who Is Right For You

This can be a very tough emotional process. I always discuss alternatives to guardianships to help protect a loved one without taking away their rights. However, there may be no choice but to request a guardianship. Sometimes, you are asking the court to have certain legal rights taken away from a loved one when the loved one adamantly denies they need help. Sometimes, one child or relative of the person is taking unfair advantage, and family members end up having to choose sides.

Guardianships are not just for older people. Many parents of children with special needs do not realize, or perhaps do not want to realize, that once a person turns 18, they are legally an adult. As a former teacher, I know that many parents want to hide from the problem, hoping that day never comes. Guardianships are necessary for a special needs child who has turned 18 and is not able to look after themselves.

As a Vancouver guardianship lawyer, I can help you discuss the tough decisions involving whether to begin a guardianship proceeding, no matter the reason. If a guardianship is not necessary yet, I can help you draft a power of attorney document that is right for you. If you have been appointed a guardian and need help following your legal duties, I can explain to you how to do things right, and whether a certified professional guardian might be an alternative.

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